Who am I?

My name is Margaux and I graduated and obtained my Master's degree from a French Graphic design school, so I'm a Junior Graphic Designer and Creative Artworker, but also big nerd about art, pop culture and retro-vintage universes!

As you can imagine, my hobbies are pretty various. I like to work while listening to any type of music, I like to create and write stories, drawing. I love to rediscover cartoons from the 90s, early 2000, in Original and French versions... By the way, my nickname - Bilboo - and also my profile picture modified are both inspired by a cartoon character I love named Bolbi.

Motivated, polyvalent, autonomous, open minded, curious and joyful, I am attracted by discovering new universes and subjects. I also appreciate teamwork and I am able to make propositions. If you're searching a particular touch or if you want me to assist on an existing identity, I will know how to be efficient and relevant. French is my mother language but I speak and exercise English on a daily basis. Bonus, I'm also learning Esperanto.

I'm ambitious to first become a graphic designer, then Artistic director. But I won't hide that I wish to upgrade my illustrations skills and that I have projects linked with this topic and also with game design. My portfolio reflects entirely this aspect and my personnality. You can find projects focused on graphic design, editorial stuff, but also illustrated ones, completely or not. Basically, you'll find some Communication and illustration, but also some Motion and Game design stuffs!